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Physical Education

Physical Education


All children at Belmont Primary School take an active role in Physical Education for 2 hours each week, providing opportunities for all pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. The school follows a progressive programme in PE which allows pupils to be physically active for a sustained period of time. 


In Foundation and KS1 there is a focus on developing the fundamental skills of agility, balance and coordination. This is taught through dance, gymnastics, ball skills and athletics, encouraging the children to adapt and develop their skills for different areas of PE.


In KS2, pupils continue to develop the basic skills, learning how to adapt these skills into a range of sports and link them to make actions and sequences of movement.  In Year 4, pupils have swimming lessons which take place at the Pingle School, with qualified instructors.


During their time in school and through extra-curricular activities children are introduced to a variety of sports, which may include netball, football, hockey, tennis, basketball, dodgeball, gymnastics, dance, kwik cricket and rounders, with pupils being encouraged to represent the school within these sports. We promote opportunities for pupils to develop these fundamental skills further through a range of afterschool clubs.  We offer a range of sporting clubs such as street dance, cricket, dodgeball, rounders, multi-skills and athletics.  


Pupils also have the opportunity to become Active Champions and take on a leadership role in promoting physical activity within school. Pupils can also be chosen to become Sports Leaders and assist with the development of physical education in school.