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Bombs Away


Bombs Away - Year 6



‘Bombs Away’ the Year 6 History topic saw the pupils creating timelines of the Second World War and reaching informed conclusions about which were the most significant events of the war including the Battle of Britain.


 They also investigated the positive and negative effects of being an evacuee and made reasoned judgements about this experience including responses such as

‘I think being an evacuee would have been a positive experience because you would be safe from the bombs’.

As a result of this the pupils wrote letters in role empathizing with evacuees.


A further development of their historical enquiry skills was evaluating the authenticity of different sources describing the Blitz.

Finally Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed looked at the social history of the war by listening to and critiquing the popular music of the era.





Pupil Voice


Finley [Year 6] chose a favourite. ‘I definitely liked ‘Sing, Sing, Sing’ by Benny Goodman because it’s very catchy. I just dance to the song every time I hear it’.