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Geography is a subject that helps us to better understand people, places and environments, and the interactions between them. Geography also helps us understand how and why places are changing, and to better imagine, predict and work towards, likely and preferred futures. Underpinning all of this is a strong component that deepens our understanding of what places are like, why and how they are connected, and the importance of location.

At Belmont Primary School Geography is an enquiry led subject that seeks answers to fundamental questions such as:

  • Where is this place?

  • What is it like? (And why?)

  • How and why is it changing?

  • How does this place compare with other places?

  • How and why are places connected?

    At Key Stage 1 pupils develop knowledge about the world, the United Kingdom and their locality. They are taught basic subject-specific vocabulary relating to human and physical geography and begin to use geographical skills, including first-hand observation, to enhance their locational awareness.

    At Key Stage 2 pupils extend their knowledge and understanding beyond the local area to include the United Kingdom and Europe, North and South America. This includes the location and characteristics of a range of the world’s most significant human and physical features. They develop their use of geographical knowledge, understanding and skills to enhance their locational and place knowledge.