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The aim of Computing at Belmont Primary School is to equip children with all the necessary skills that will enable them to become independent learners.  Each child from Foundation to Year 6 is given the opportunity to develop their skills in order to develop their confidence in the following areas.  These areas are:


  • Using and applying fundamental principles and concepts of computer science.
  • Analysing problems in computational terms and engage in repeated practical experiences of writing computer programs.
  • Evaluating and applying information technology
  • Confidently and creatively using information and communication technology.


The children are also taught how to use E-mail and the Internet in a well-protected environment through a filtered system.  Every classroom within our school has access to two networked computers and an interactive white board (IWB).  These facilities are used to improve skills as well as embed the developing skills into other parts of the curriculum. 


As well as classroom machines we also have a fully equipped IT suite that consists of 16 networked laptops and a Promethean IWB.  All children have access to the computers through log on names and passwords. 


The IT suite is a timetabled classroom that is fully supported by a computer technician 3 days a week.  As well as computers and software, the children also have access to a wide variety of programmable toys, CD players, digital cameras, video cameras and electronic microscope’s.  We have a two class sets of iPad.  IT is a developing curriculum area that is very exciting to be part of and this enthusiasm is passed onto the children through our skills.